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Welcome to Taz's Woodworking Crafts

Please feel free to browse all the links listed above. There will be more categories added as time permits. All payments must be accomplished through Pay Pal.

Make sure to visit the Stain link above. Many of our products will allow you to pick the color you wish to have the product stained.

Items will be marked with how many are in stock. If there is zero in stock, then that item will be built when the order is placed.

I have tried to provide the best estimate on shipping costs. If I estimated low and the shipping is actually higher, I will eat the difference in shipping. If I estimated high and the shipping is lower then you were actually charged, you will be refunded the difference in estimated shipping and actual shipping.

International, Alaska, and Hawaii shipments will be calculated at time of order being placed. An additional charge will be requested for shipment using PayPal.

Want to find something special for someone else but just not sure what they would like? Then try our Gift Certificate. The person you purchase this for will be able to pick out their own products.

Make sure to check this site often. New products will be added on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy the different projects that are available.

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